Hacking the Skies: The Geoengineers and Their Media Gatekeepers introduces the reader to geoengineering technologies, specifically solar radiation management (SRM), otherwise known as “albedo modification.” Hacking the Skies offers in substantiated scientific fact and research (written in layman’s terms) what geoengineering technologies are.

Hacking the Skies is an in-depth look at mainstream media and the historical control and prevention of dissemination of critical information to the citizenry. The “Media Gate Keepers,” under the control of a handful of corporations, demonstrate why the majority of the world’s “sleeping” population has never heard of geoengineering technologies or solar radiation management. A call for a widespread public debate and engagement by leading pre-eminent scientists themselves appears to be sidelined by a few policy decision-makers, institutions, and agencies who have chosen to brand concerned citizens as “conspiracy theorists.”

Scholarly academic research from leading U.S. and U.K. scientists, including Fellows of The Royal Society in London, UK, the oldest science academy in the world, is presented, expressing the ever-growing concern regarding geoengineering. Other pioneers in the anti-geoengineering movement are introduced.

International laws and treaties, U.S. national laws, and the Magna Carta, all of which are meant to protect humanity, bio-diversity and ecosystems, are presented. Violations of several international treaties are highlighted.

Further identified are some of today’s financial journalists who have written books and articles in favor of geoengineering technologies and who have recently embarked on “road-shows” with geoengineer “enthusiasts” for fresh funding from Wall Street.

This book reveals the over-arching hubris of a few individuals and agencies who are willing to “play God” with unknown consequences as the technologies continue to develop more rapidly than their ability to be governed.

Hacking the Skies: The Geoengineers and Their Media Gate Keepers is a must-read book for anyone concerned about the catastrophic environmental and human consequences of geoengineering our planet. The dire consequences of these geoengineering technologies affect everyone and therefore it is everyone’s inalienable birthright to be informed. It is time for the scholarly scientists’ and academicians’ pleas for an open “widespread public debate and engagement” to take place without further delay.