In the Spring of 2015,  very noticeable and visible alterations to the atmosphere, over the skies of London, England were brought to my attention. What began as sheer curiosity and bewilderment of witnessing such curious patterns never seen before in the sky, would soon become an unanticipated journey into the world of physics and the field of geoengineering.

I began researching geoengineering by finding documents on-line from governmental sources globally, published scientific academy research reports (The Royal Society), leading academic scientists opinions, Ivy-league professors, non-governmental organisations, environmental agencies, the U.N., The Council on Bio-Diversity and other higher learning institutions including Harvard and Oxford’s Schools of Geoengineering.

Geoengineering is defined as ‘the direct and deliberate intervention into the Earth’s climatic system’. This direct intervention of our Earth’s atmosphere has been labeled by scientists in multiple ways including: Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, Albedo Modification and most recently as Climate Intervention; a PR spin to persuade people to believe they are ‘intervening’ on our behalf. Yet, for many, the general population continues to call such atmospheric alterations as – chemtrails.

More shocking to discover was the fact that rarely had anyone ever heard of these terms in mainstream media and this was for good reason. The subject continues to be deliberately withheld from the citizenry. Given that mainstream media is now owned and therefore, ‘controlled’ by only a handful of ‘ruling elites’ whose sole desire is to deliver their specified agenda and propaganda. This however, has left many questioning and moreover, skeptical about the ‘trustworthiness’ of today’s media and reporting.

As research continued, more information surfaced regarding the aerosol engineered patents, the history of wanting to ‘fix the sky’,  as well as the scientists behind geoengineering and the few ‘voices of reason’.  Presented in the book is the U.S. Congressional Hearing on Geoengineering (2009). A video on YouTube may be watched in full at: House Committee on Science, Space and Technology – Hearing: Geoenginnering Part I – 2009 . Also, researched on the ‘other side of the pond’ was the U.K.’s Parliament Hearing on Geoengineering (2009) and The Royal Society’s reports on Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management:the Governance of Research. (

An in-depth chapter on the “Media Gate Keepers” is presented – those responsible for insuring that the information remains ‘under-the-radar’. An intricate web of “assets” controlled and writing in favor of geoengineering technologies who have become the geoengineers’ trusted resources and powerful tool.

Also researched were anti-geoengineering organizations, including a “pioneer” in the movement – Clifford Carnicom of the non-profit Carnicom Institute Official website. His original video ‘Aerosol Crimes’ was the first documentary to highlight this important phenomenon back in 2008, nearly a decade ago. The video may be watched on YouTube Cloud Cover Documentary. This paved the way for others to raise awareness visually including the more recent documentary entitled, “Why in the World Are They Spraying”  by Michael J. Murphy and Overcast The Movie directed by Matthias Hancke.

International treaties are also presented in the book for legal consideration, as well as recommendations for widespread public debate, the urgent necessity for an environmental impact assessment/study (EIA/EIS), the review of agencies purporting to safeguard human health and the environment including such organizations as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and more.

It is interesting to note that the cover photograph was taken in the borough of Westminster, London, U.K. on Morpeth Terrace, (near Victoria Station) in the Spring of 2015 where Winston Churchill once lived. It was Aldous Huxley, Author of Brave New World who wrote, “Great is truth, but still greater from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.” By simply not mentioning certain subjects, by lowering what Mr. Churchill calls an “iron curtain” between the masses and such facts or arguments as the local political bosses regard as undesirable, totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have done by the most eloquent denunciations, the most compelling of logical rebuttals.” (Brave New World – HarperPerennial ©1932)

Science and government have indeed become ‘hand-in-glove’ and this presents a serious predicament for world citizens and their ‘inalienable rights’ to clearly understand the likely impact of scientific advances on their health and well-being, including that of the environment. Those who understand the world of physics know that we should not be ‘tinkering’ with the atmosphere. It is well beyond any human being’s comprehension  -even the most brilliant of scientific minds.