Hudson Ynez – Indie Author

As an independent author, given the topic of geoengineering and the sensitivity of the information reported in this book, it was suggested to use a ‘pen name’ for the safety of my personal being; not that the ‘powers at be’ have not been able to determine my identity previously. Nothing is sacred in our über surveillance world of today.

I am not the first nor the last to choose a ‘nom de plume’. Aldous Huxley’s student at Eton – a young Eric Blair – would later become the well-known author, ‘George Orwell’ who wrote the novel “1984”. It was Orwell who said, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” Today, that statement continues to hold true with regards to the on-going alteration of our atmosphere.

Yet, for those of us who feel a responsibility to seek and tell the ‘truth’, it is simply doing what we know to be right. The fact that geoengineering is altering our eco-systems, habitats, life-giving natural resources, the very air we breathe, has profound impacts on humanity, including our overall health and well-being. The geoengineers have apparently lost all moral responsibility towards the future generations.

The ‘truth’ about geoengineering is slowly and surely coming to the light. A number of non-profit organizations are raising awareness. Everyday the crack in the ‘dam’ widens and the public’s distrust not only of the media, but of the very institutions and agencies meant to protect them (as well as the environment) has eroded significantly.

It is hoped that this in-depth research provided in Hacking the Skies will inform and further educate individuals worldwide of the dire and catastrophic environmental consequences that are upon us. Moreover, it is hoped that one will come to his or her own educated conclusion and perhaps, be willing to utilize their God given talents to raise further critical awareness.